Mycorhizzal Granules
Mycorhizzal Granules
Mycorhizzal Granules

Mycorhizzal Granules

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No more fertilizer! Many of your annual vegetables, fruit trees, and perennials benefit from an endomycorrhizal or ectomycorrhizal association and can be inoculated using powders or granules that contain fungi that bond to the root systems of your plants. This blend of volcanic rock, mycorrhizal spore of endo and ecto species, and organic fertilizer can bond to your roots for life, and it is better to inoculate your seeds or seedlings when young, the larger your plants the more you will have to use since they bond to the tips and root hairs! Studies have shown an increase of nitrogen uptake by 20-30% and increase of Phosphates by 50-60%! That means more roots, more shoots, and more fruit! 

Contains 12 hardy Endo and Ectomycorrhizal Fungi providing for broad spectrum applications, enchanced moisture and nutrient uptake and a more fibrous and efficient root system: Pisolithus tinctorius (1,000,000), Rhizopogon villosuius (500,000), Rhizopogon luteolus (500,000), Rhizopogon amylopogon (500,000), Rhizopogon fulvigleba (500,000). Endomycorrhiza (VAM - All @ 1,000 sproes per pound minimum). Glomus mosseae, Glomus intratadices, Glomus Clarum, Glomus monosporous, Glomus deserticola, Glomus brasilianum, Glomus margarita 

Plant Installations: ¼ to ½ per cal. 1" trunk diameter or 1 to 2 Gal. container. 
Planting Beds: 10 lb per 1,000 SF bed. 
Bareroot Dip: 1 lb per 1,000 seedlings or 500 1" bareroot whips. 
Seeding & Sodding: Apply 3 lb per 1,000 sq. ft. area and incorporate. Soil: 2-5 lb/per 1-Cu-Yd. 
Field Planting: Simply dust planting rows before or after seeds, tubers, bulbs or plants are planted.