Bricktop Sawdust Spawn - (Hypholoma lateritium)
Bricktop Sawdust Spawn - (Hypholoma lateritium)

Bricktop Sawdust Spawn - (Hypholoma lateritium)

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An edible species, this mushroom is very aggressive and prolific, sometimes evicting other mushrooms out of their patches to set up camp. I have seen Brick Tops take over our mulch walking trail turning it into a orange-reddish carpet with wall to wall mushrooms in the winter, such a heavy fruiter! This mushroom is a little on the difficult side to ID, so make sure you can distinguish between the two in this genus before eating and send us some photos to confirm!
Edibility and Taste This cap is edible but the stem is a bit tough.  Nutty and very good! Also good for pickling.

Grows On Outdoors this mushroom prefers hardwood logs laid out on the ground like a raft.  Indoors this mushroom prefers supplemented sawdust in bags, cutting a short slit on the side or top of the bag.

Fruiting Temps 45-60F

Availability Year-Round