Mushroom Medicine - The Future of Functional Medicine
Mushroom Medicine - The Future of Functional Medicine

Mushroom Medicine - The Future of Functional Medicine

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By Robert Dale Rogers (RH) AHG

Interest in medicinal mushrooms has exploded in the last decade. Mushroom products on store shelves have increased every year, with market share growing by leaps and bounds. 

In this book, Robert Rogers takes a deep dive into 65 genera and nearly 160 species of lesser-known mushrooms, and their potential health benefits.

These include Agarikon, Albatrellus, Armillaria, Artist's conk, Barometer Earthstar, Big Brown Cat, Chicvken of the Woods, Cauliflower, Clouded Funnel, Collybia, Diamond Willow fungus, Concealed Polypore, Fairy Ring, False Turkey Tail, Fried Chicken, Chanterelle, Hawk Wing, King Bolete, Leucopaxillus, Milk Caps, Milky White, Nameko, Parasol, Phellinus, Piopinno, Puffball, Ramaria, Red Belted Conk, Red Polypore, Russula, Shaggy Mane, Suillus, Tiger Milk, Truffles, Tricholoma, Tylopilus, Umbrella, Wax Gills, Wax Caps and numerous minor mushrooms of the Pacific West. 

"The amazing Robert Rogers did it again! An impressive new compendium on over 150 mushroom species, many of them so far hardly known to have medicinal propensities. I am blown away - what incredible knowledge is available."

Robert Dale Rogers is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild, Herbal Elder of Canada, and Fellow of the International College of Nutrition. 

He conducted a clinical practice for 20 years and taught herbal medicine at the Northern Star College and Grant McEwan University for 26 years. He previously served on the editorial board of International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, and writes occasional columns for the Fungi magazine. 

Robert is the author of 59 books on plant and mushroom medicine, including the Fungal Pharmacy: The Complete Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms and Lichens of North America. 

He presently continues to research and writes and enjoys leading plant and mushroom walks and talks throughout North America. 

Robert and Laurie Szott-Rogers reside in Edmonton, Alberta and share their home with two Norwegian Forest cats.