Oyster Mushroom Fruiting Kit - (Pleurotus sp.)
Oyster Mushroom Fruiting Kit - (Pleurotus sp.)
Oyster Mushroom Fruiting Kit - (Pleurotus sp.)
Oyster Mushroom Fruiting Kit - (Pleurotus sp.)

Oyster Mushroom Fruiting Kit - (Pleurotus sp.)

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Our brand new fruiting kits are here, and holy wow, are they gorgeous!!!! They are a perfect gift for your family and friends, and of course for yourself. 

Through years of research, observation & refinement, our aim has been to achieve harmony with nature with recreating mushroom grow kits that deliver their natural essence and health benefits to you in a sustainable way. Our kits are made with bio-degradable cardboard, compostable substrate and bio-degradable plastic bags. 

Why Grow Your Own Mushrooms? 
In addition to being a vegan protein option, mushrooms contain beneficial fiber, vitamin C, riboflavin, folate, thiamine, pantothenic acid, niacin, as well as various minerals AND pack a heavy antioxidant punch.

Grow Year Round!
With our various mushroom kits, you can chose a different edible mushroom species for each season, to grow in your own space. No more waiting for availability at the store or market. 

Supreme Quality!
Crafted at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, our mushroom kits are certified organic by Clemson University in partnership with the USDA. 

Kit Contents

  • Fully colonized mushroom fruiting kit inoculated with the Pleurotus ostreatus mushroom culture
  • Detailed instructions for a successful fruiting
  • Online links, tips and tricks for every stage of the process from growing, to harvesting, storing, cooking, and beneficial permaculture composting

Just add water!
These ready-to-fruit kits produces thick clusters of oyster mushrooms. Choose between pink, golden, or blue kit. Just spray with water, harvest, and eat! Highly-productive and amazing to watch. Each bag is filled with our commercial media blended with a living culture that usually fruits within 2-3 weeks after arriving to your doorstep! Amazing gifts and also perfect for science projects as well, these kits typically produce 2-3 pounds of mushrooms over several flushes. Comes with a humidity tent and directions.

Fruiting Temperatures:

  • Pink - 75-90F
  • Warm Blue - 65-80F