Wild Mushroom Food Safety Certification - NEW YORK - MAY 25-26, 2024

Wild Mushroom Food Safety Certification - NEW YORK - MAY 25-26, 2024

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This 5 year mushroom foraging permit meets the criteria required by the state health departments and formally approved for the foraging and selling of wild mushrooms in the following states: South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island. Signups will receive emailed study guides and slides 1 month ahead of the class. The test will be taken onsite. 

Limited to 40 people, and no refunds will be available for this event. We might be able to move you to another class in case of emergency.

Where: Agroforestry Resource Center 6055 NY-23, Acra, NY 12405

Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Agroforestry Resource Center is a regional center for education, demonstration and research with a focus on the benefits of woodlands to people, waterways and wildlife. Educational and experiential programs at the Agroforestry Resource Center are aimed at encouraging people to preserve and enhance the ecological, economic and human health benefits of forested land.

Please respect the space.  Students should stick to the conference, restroom and kitchen areas while in the building.  No smoking allowed on property. 

You can show up 15 minutes prior to class, please no earlier, as the instructor will need time to set up for the class. 

When: MAY 25-26, 2024, 9am-5pm EST

Suggested Accommodations:

Hotel Vienna
Rick and Amy Rasmussen
Phone: 518.734.5300 | email: info@thehotelvienna.com
107 State Route 296 | Windham, NY 12496

Captain’s Inn Point Lookout
7604 State Route 23
East Windham, NY 12439-5153

Winwood Inn
5220 NY-23, Windham, NY 12496
(518) 734-3000 

Greene County Tourism (lodging)

Instructor Bio:

Christine Gagnon - coming soon

Other Info: 

NY Requirements: Harvest Log, Tracking numbers on Boxes and Invoices.

Guidance Document for Sale of Wild Harvested Mushrooms in NY.

Wild mushrooms harvested by an approved mushroom expert can be sold in NY retail markets and direct to NY state customers.

As of the moment, wild mushrooms are not approved for sale to NY restaurants as per NYSDOH.


This permit may be valid in other states that have adopted a Code 13 policy, your state will need to contact us to evaluate and approve this permit for your state’s food safety authority. 

According to state law, wild foraged mushrooms species must be individually inspected and found to be safe by an approved mushroom identification expert that: 

(A) Has met the requirements of knowledge and passed an exam and 

(B) Will harvest only those mushrooms species listed below (Check the Approved Species List for your state’s allowed species) : 

  • Chanterelles (Cantharellus spp. Exception C. persicinus)
  • Blue chanterelle (Polyozellus multiplex)
  • Morels (Morchella spp.)
  • Black trumpet (Craterellus fallax)
  • Lobster (Hypomyces lactifluorum)
  • Wood ears (Auricularia spp.)
  • Chicken of the woods (Laetiporus spp. Exception L. persicinus)
  • Beefsteak (Fistulina hepatica)
  • Hedgehog (Hydnum repandum, H. albomagnum)
  • Lions mane / Pom Pom / Bearded tooth / Bear’s head (Hericium spp.)
  • Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus spp. Exception Pleurotus levis, P. dryinus)
  • Cauliflower (Sparassis spp.)
  • Maitake / Hen of the woods (Grifola frondosa)
  • Blewit (Lepista nuda)
  • Honey mushroom (Armillaria mellea, A. tabescens)
  • Blue milky (Lactarius indigo)
  • Golden and burgundy milkies (Lactarius corrugis, L.volemus, L. hygrophoroides)
  • Pecan truffle (Tuber spp.)
  • Puffballs (Lycoperdon spp., Calvatia spp.)
  • Bolete species: King bolete / Cep / Porcini (Boletus edulis, B. chippewaensis)
  • Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)
  • Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma curtisii, G. tsugae, G. sessile)
  • Turkey tail (Trametes versicolor)
  • Matsutake (Tricholoma magnivelare)
  • Shaggy mane (Coprinus comatus)
  • Candycap mushroom (Lactarius rubidus, L. fragilis, L. camphoratus)
  • Saffron milky (Lactarius deliciosus)
  • Hawk’s wing (Sarcodon imbricatus)
  • Enoki (Flammulina velutipes)
  • Shrimp Russula (Russula xerampelina)
  • Umbrella Polypore (Cladomeris umbellata)
  • Green Quilted Russula (Russula virescens, Russula parvovirescens, Russula crustosa)