Chargrow Bio-Granules(TM)

Chargrow Bio-Granules(TM)

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From old growth forests to the most productive cropland of the world, plant health is directly linked to a diverse community of organisms that inhabit the soil. With modern management practices, many beneficial species of the soil have been eliminated. This reduces plant performance and productivity. 

With Bio-Granules(TM) we have a management tool that can rejuvenate the biodiversity of soils and replace the essential organisms that were lost. When the right set of organisms are present and performing their function, both plant health and profitability soar. 

Bio-Granules(TM) are a biological source of beneficial soil microorganisms enriched substrates and microbial foods. This formulation allows beneficial microbes to survive harsh soil environments, improve nutrient cycling and increase plant health. 

Bio-Granules(TM) provide the following plant health benefits:

  • Improved Soil Drainage
  • Reduced Soil Compaction
  • Increase Nutrient Cycling
  • Greater Retention of Water in Dry Soils
  • Improved Germination
  • Improved Plant Resistance to Fungal Diseases, Root Feeding Nematodes and Insect Infestations

CharGrow(R) Inoculants are specialized preparations that contain beneficial microorganism, substrates and microbial foods. They can be used in both greenhouse and field applications. 

When used properly, these biological tools:

  • Increase plant health as they colonize roots
  • Increase utilization of soil nutrients
  • Promote earlier flowering and fruit set
  • Reduce irrigation and fertilizer cost
  • Increase yield