Spring Cultivation Workshop - APR 9, 2022
Spring Cultivation Workshop - APR 9, 2022
Spring Cultivation Workshop - APR 9, 2022
Spring Cultivation Workshop - APR 9, 2022
Spring Cultivation Workshop - APR 9, 2022

Spring Cultivation Workshop - APR 9, 2022

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Where: Mushroom Mountain Farm, 200 Finley Rd. Easley SC

When: APR 9, 2022 - 9am-3pm

Limited to 40 attendees, this workshop will feature fungi that are cultivated in the spring time. 
Participants will learn fungal ecology and life cycles, while immersed in hands-on methods to cultivate mushrooms on logs, stumps, wood chips, and straw, designing mushroom gardens, and composting or recycling with fungi. 
Mushrooms discussed in this workshop will be: shiitake, black poplar, blewit, cauliflower, chicken of the woods, king stropharia, lion's mane, morels, cool oyster species (aspen, brown, POHU, cold blue, grey dove, king, elf, pearl, tarragon), Pholiota species, reishi, parasol, shaggy mane, shimeji, turkey tail. 
This workshop includes breakfast, lunch, oyster mushroom fruiting kit, and a shiitake log to take home from hands-on activity.
Taught personally by Tradd Cotter: 
  • Author, Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation (Chelsea Green 2014)
  • Clemson University Student Entrepreneur of the Year Winner
  • EPA Clemson Fellowship Award Winner
  • North American Wild Mushroom Safety Certification Program, Designer/Chief Instructor (SC, NC, GA, PA, VA, WVA, NY, RI)
  • North American Mycological Association Emergency
Requests for waiting list possible if full and there is a cancellation. 
Please note that this class does not cover any sterile culture in a lab setting. 

Class Reviews:

  • "Exceeded our expectations! Look forward to another class. Olga's food was delicious."
  • "Exceeded our expectations - great job."
  • "My gal friends and I agree this experience exceeded our expectations. The food was outstanding, and gave us ideas of how to cook/bake with mushrooms."
  • "Thank you for your decades of knowledge."
  • "This was a great experience."
  • "What a wonderful day! I learned so much, laughed, ate delicious food. Thank you. The brick thing blew my mind."
  • "I came knowing very little about mushrooms from a growing standpoint. Appreciate the hands-on experience with the logs and the bags."
  • "Teriffic. Entertaining and informative. We'll be back!"
  • "I am so inspired to come back for more classes. The ID class, medicinal class. The hands-on examples were extra helpful and interspersed throughout, helped maintain attention to verbal content. Love the sense of humor and VIBE. Thanks for beginning and stoking our endless fascination with fungi."