Gardening with Fungi - Apr 5, 2020
Gardening with Fungi - Apr 5, 2020

Gardening with Fungi - Apr 5, 2020

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When: Apr 05, 2020 – 2-6PM
Price: $60
Where: Mushroom Mountain, 200 Finley Rd. Easley, SC 29642
Lunch not included

Join us at Mushroom Mountain to learn how you can incorporate fungi to improve your gardening, farming or landscaping practices.  This workshop will introduce a deep understanding of what fungi are, how they grow, and why they make mushrooms, then explore simple techniques for using them to improve the landscapes.  Live demonstrations will be performed for participants to gain practice.

Techniques will include using fungi to:

  • Grow mushrooms in the garden and landscape

  • Amend garden soil for improved soil structure

  • Improve water quality and retention in the landscape

  • Enhance the quality of compost

  • Turn household organic wastes into soil

  • Improve plant health with symbiotic mycorrhizae

The workshop is appropriate for all skill levels and will be useful to range of people from hobby gardeners to professional landscapers and designers wishing to leverage the benefits of fungi for their business. Spawn will be available for purchase. 

Taught by Leif Olson, research coordinator and Environmental Enhancement Services director for Mushroom Mountain.  Leif is an interdisciplinary researcher and practitioner with a background in ecology, environmental chemistry, mycology, sustainable agriculture and bioremediation.  He has spent years as a landscaper and is currently working to develop methods for tackling landscape restoration and enhancement using the power of fungi.

Workshop Schedule

2:00-2:30 Welcome and Introductions

  • Have everyone in group briefly describe they’re relevant interests

2:30-2:45 Fungal Ecology and Growth Cycle

  • Use handout with diagrams to refer to

  • Pass around live spawn, mushrooms, petri dish

2:45-3:15 Make Stropharia Bed

  • Have pre-soaked woodchips ready

3:15-3:45 Talk about fungal roles in restoration, sorption, soil building, compost etc

  • Use handout

3:45-4:15 Tour of lab, autoclave room, fruiting room, sawdust pile

4:15-4:30 Mix spawn into garden bed

  • Apply mycorrhiza spores to root stocks to plant in bed

4:30-5:00 Make mycelium swale

  • Identify contour line to to dig across or channel

  • Dig, add woodchips and spawn

5:00-5:30 Make paper digester bin and pile

5:30-5:45 Mix spawn into compost pile

  • Add colonized paper bin materials to compost pile

  • Ideally a finished pile to demo colonization of finished compost

  • Blewit inoculation of compost pile