Wild Mushroom ID Class - ZOOM - JUN 4, 2022

Wild Mushroom ID Class - ZOOM - JUN 4, 2022

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Learn about the wonderful world of mushrooms with Tradd Cotter. This class will take you on a journey of how to identify mushrooms in the wild. You will learn about several edible mushroom species while foraging outdoors, bringing them back into a classroom setting, and looking step by step into the mushroom groups.

1 week before the class, you will receive the zoom information to join in. Please make sure that you have ZOOM downloaded to your computer, and that you have a good internet connection.

Where: ZOOM Online Class
When: JUN 4, 2022, 9am-5pm

Class Itinerary:

  1. Introduction to mushroom lifecycles
  2. Mushroom Ecology
  3. Collecting and storing edible mushrooms
  4. Show and tell - Bring your own mushrooms for discussion
  5. Virtual collections walk-through - Major groups ID
  6. Learn how to use field guides and online resources

    Recommended field guides:

    Mushrooms of the Southeast: Todd F. Elliott & Steven L Stephenson

    Appalachian Mushrooms: A field guide: Walter E. Sturgeon

    A Field Guide to Mushrooms of the Carolinas: Alan E. Bessette, Arleen R. Bessette, Michael W. Hopping

    Milk Mushrooms of North America: Alan E. Bessette, David B. Harris, Arleen R. Bessette

    Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians: William C. Roody

    For recommendations on other books in your area, please email Olga at sporeprints@gmail.com