Young Mycologist Gift Box
Young Mycologist Gift Box

Young Mycologist Gift Box

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Do you have or know a kid that likes to grow stuff? Do you have a kid that needs a cool science project? Then this is a perfect gift for them. Great for home, classroom, and fun experiment ideas.

Everything you need to make 25 mini farms that fruit out of plastic cups with humidity domes! Comes with a master copy of directions, the kit comes with suggestions for experiments such as thermogenesis, basic graphing of temperature data over time, exposure to different light sources affects cap colors, and mixing plants and kits in aquariums to study gas exchange.

Also great for science projects, these modules can be used for mycoremediation experiments and the possibilities are only limited to your imagination! Only one hour prep time is needed for the growing media. Fruits in 2-3 weeks after preparing media! This $50.00 value gift box contains:
  • 5 lb bag of oyster mushroom spawn
  • 25 clear domed cup containers growing media
  • Instructions and experiment ideas
  • A personalized greeting/holiday/whatever occasion card, just let us know what to write in there :)