Mycomatrix Adaptogenic Extracts 8oz "Mix & Match"

Mycomatrix Adaptogenic Extracts 8oz "Mix & Match"

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Lion's Mane • Cordyceps • Turkey Tail • Shiitake • Mesima (Cracked Cap Polypore) • Reishi • Bird's Nest • Maitake • Chaga • Immunity Blend • Pancreatic Support • Poria 

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What is Mycomatrix? It is a mushroom based extract (Myco = fungus, Matrix= origin, cellular grid) employing a proprietary triple extraction process pioneered at Mushroom Mountain that is a potent water soluble neutraceutical food and a beverage supplement. It contains pure organic, adaptogenic mushroom extracts, assisting the body to adapt to stress and exerting a normalizing effect upon the bodily process.

MYCOMATRIX is an extraction process that uses WHOLE ORGANIC MUSHROOM FRUIT BODIES grown in the USA that are allowed to mature and absorb valuable light waves that allow for the manufacture of biochemical properties of the mushroom fruit body. Mushroom mycelium extracts, however, grown on grain in the absence of light, is chemically and qualitatively much different than mature mushroom fruit bodies. Our NATURAL process of extracting the whole mushroom fruit bodies in organic ethanol, hot water, and a third proprietary method ensures the most complete extraction possible. 

Lion's Mane has the following properties:

* Enhanced memory
* Enhanced brain function
* Beneficial effects on digestion
* Provides neuro-protective effect
* Repairs myelin-sheaths
* Acts as a natural anti-depressant
* Improves cognitive function
* Helps treat peptic ulcers
* Enhances immune system

Maitake has the following properties:

* Manages sugar levels
* Lowers choloesterol levels
* Immune benefits
* Inhibits cancer development
* D-Fraction
* Packed with antioxidants
* Protects against diabetes

Reishi has the following properties:

* Antitumor
* Improves liver function
* Facilitates detoxification
* Promotes heart health
* Balances blood pressure
* Helps balance hormones
* Fights diabetes
* Fights allergies and asthma
* Immune benefits

Turkey tail has the following properties:

* Antitumor
* Enhances effects of radiation therapy
* Antioxidant activity
* Boosts immune response
* Adjunctive treatment in cancer chemotherapy
* Lowers cholesterol
* Increases interferon production

Chaga  has the following properties:

* Assists with obesity
* Reduces Inflammation
* Assists with liver repair
* Assists with food allergies
* Promotes immune balance
* Inhibits cancers
* Promotes antioxidation

Cordyceps has the following properties:

* Improves respiratory health
* Increases oxygen uptake
* Boosts heart health
* Detoxifying the body
* Assists with certain cancers 
* Slows the aging process
* Increases energy
* Boosts immune response

Bird's Nest has the following properties:

* Assists with neuro-inflammation
* Assists with cancer therapy
* Assists with neurotrophic activity
* Assists with pancreatic cancer cell cycle arrest
* Boosts immune response

Mesima (Cracked Cap Polypore) has the following properties:

* Improves inflammation
* Has anti-cancer effects
* Improves anti-oxidation
* Is anti-fungal
* Assists with neuro-protection
* Assists with diabetes
* Boosts immune response
* Has hepato-protective effects 

Shiitake has the following properties:

* Cell effector function
* Lowers inflammation
* Boosts immune function
* Assists with atherosclerosis
* Improves anti-oxidation
* Assists with heart disease
* Improves lipid profiles
* Improves gut immunity
*Great for skin health and youthfullness

Poria has the following properties:

* Oxidative stress reduction
* Assists with diabetes 
Assists with inflammation
Assists with hepatoprotection (liver issues)
* Repairs myelin-sheaths
* Possibly effective against gallbladder cancer

Immunity Blend has the following properties:

*Increases immune health and more with a combined effect of all the mushrooms included: Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi and Maitake

Pancreatic Support has the following properties:

*Specially formulated to support Pancreatic function, recovery and lowering chemotherapy toxicity by combining Poria, Bird's Nest and Mesima mushrooms. 

All of our extracts and Mushroom Mountain products proudly carry the Certified North Carolina Association Seal, for incorporating the purest Appalachian Mountain spring water available. There’s a reason major US breweries opened East Coast branches here near Asheville, NC; it is for the water! No filtered city or distilled water; consumers will notice sweet minerals and flavors of the Blue Ridge Mountains. All of our extracts are Organically Certified by Clemson University in association with the USDA. 

*This statement has not been by the FDA, this product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.